Take Me to the River Bay Area Education Initiative seeks to inspire a deeper understanding of history, culture, and the meaning of cross-generational and inter-racial collaboration through music, mentorship, and creativity.

Our program serves underserved students and communities, emphasizing the power of breaking down barriers between inter-generational, inter-racial, and cross gender collaboration. TMTTR Education Bay Area Initiative believes the message of communication, cooperation, and collaboration provides opportunity to produced the foundation of lasting harmonious community. Our program teaches students the power of positive forms of expression through music and film. We also provide unique touch points to enter into conversations about history and chronicling culture, and how it plays an important role in Civil Rights, social, economic, and political issues. Our partner, Berklee College of Music, has been instrumental in creating programs and curriculum.

Our Award Winning Master Musicians and artists from Take Me to the RIver are our educators!


  • Rock N’Roll Hall of Fame inductee Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads)
  • STAX legend William Bell
  • Grammy winner Boo Mitchell (son of Willie Mitchell, owner of Royal Studios)
  • Academy Award winner Frayser Boy
  • Critics choice winner Al Kapone
  • Grammy Nominee and Award winning Fillmmaker/Musician/Producer Martin Shore

TMTTR Education Bay Area Initiative is doing great work in the Bay Area. TMTTR Education Bay Area Initiative has:

  • Produced a program at the Bay Area Music Project (Alameda),
  • Taught and recorded Alameda Bay Area Music Project students at the SF Conservatory of Music
  • Partnered on an event at the Richmond Center of Performing Arts with the Oakland Raiders and the Michael Crabtree Crab 5 Foundation
  • Partnered with Oakland Raiders Foundation for Community Outreach to do a series of events and in class experiences in public schools throughout the East Bay
  • Worked with Grammy SF on Spring programming for underserved East Bay Schools
  • Partnered with the California Film Institute and their education program serving schools in Marin City, San Francisco, the East Bay, and Sonoma.

With additional funding our plans for the future is bringing our message of communication, collaboration, cooperation, and understanding to more school districts in the Bay Area.

Some of the countries most underfunded schools are right here in our own area, and to bring live events, workshops, performances, in-class experiences, hand on curriculum, and interaction with the Musicians, filmmakers and artists from Take Me to the River will make a tremendous impact in the lives of thousands of students.

Our targets will be Oakland Unified School District with it’s 46,000 students, West Contra Costa Unified School District with it’s 33,000 students, Vallejo City Unified School District with it’s 17,000 students, San Francisco Unified School District with it’s 47,000 students, and San Jose Unified School District with it’s 34,000 students.

Our goal is to touch over 250,000 students in the next two years.