Activities for class discussion after viewing the film:

  • Discuss the elements of the Memphis sound. What instruments were used? What rhythms? Are their other songs today that carry over some of those elements?
  • Cross-generational collaboration is an important focus of the film. Work with an adult to come up with some ideas of a song that you could work on together. What would you write about? What kind of music does your adult partner like to listen too? How does that differ from what you prefer? Can you find a common ground to work together?
  • Discuss the idea of racial and gender discrimination. How was that discussed in the film? Can you identify some instances of similar issues that occur today? Have you experienced any yourself? How did these issues affect the music that was created in Memphis? How can they be used as an advantage now?
  • Select an artist that appeared in the film. Listen to some of his or her music and share information with the class about their musical style, history, and contributions. Learn to perform one of their songs!
  • The music in the film was recorded live all at the same time. Discuss this recording technique. How is it different from much of the music on the radio today? What challenges did the musicians and engineers have in recording in this way? What are the benefits?