Related activities that can be done both in and outside the classroom:

  • Make connections between the music and sources of literature. This can be through several different means of exploration (i.e. deep analysis of lyrics, playing music based off of literary works and making connections between the two, or creating lyrics and/or a story based off students’ performance literature). Suggested resource:
  • Listen to original versions recordings mentioned in the film – how are they different than the newer recordings created in the film? How are they the same?
  • Listen to music of other related artists.
  • Research an artist and talk about their influences and how they were affected by the political climate of the time.
  • Visit a nursing home or speak to older relatives and invite an older person to share their experience with music.
  • Research Internet and/or periodical articles that give information on the struggles musicians face in sustaining careers in the music industry. How do their experiences inform your career choices? Provide evidence of how suggested solutions can be implemented. Develop artistic or professional disciplinary statement or career plan. (History of Women in Soul Music: A Workshop with Michelle Obama –
  • Visit a local recording studio. Interview people there about the recording process and how modern technology has changed how recordings are created.
  • Students could identify life events for which music can be used for a practical purpose, and determine if their original composition(s) could be used for such an event. In addition, they could write new original compositions to fill that purpose.